Filpino film delves into LGBT issues

Since director Samantha Lee wanted to see a better presentation of the LGBT community in Philippine cinema that went beyond the stereotypes, she produced her film “Baka Bukas” (Maybe Tomorrow).

She chose characters that are full formed functional / dysfunctional human beings with universal problems that go beyond gender roles and sexual preferences.

“They’re bratty, they’re selfish, they’re lost but at the same time they are acutely aware that they are in the process of figuring themselves out and the decent version of themselves will come eventually,” says Lee.

Alex is a twenty-something-year-old creative based in Manila. She has come out to most people but not her best friend Jess, who she has been secretly in love with since they were young. When Jess learns the truth about Alex, they must confront the feelings they have for each other.

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