Canadian investors are proposing a spectacular plan to build a floating airport to serve Bali

Canadian firms continue to illegally ship trash to the Philippines despite warnings by the Filipino government 

Canadian businesses must activley grow their export share to markets throughout Asia  

New prepaid international rates starting at 1 cent per minute included in $25+ monthly plans 

Fraser Institute report card features fastest improving elementary schools in province

The fall out from the passing of controversial anti-terror legislation continues to resonate

The DFA has reminded all who are traveling to Canada to work or study to secure clearance prior to departure

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School will provide training for electricians, plumbers, pipefitters and carpenters

The IEC-B.C. aims to connect new Canadians with jobs in Fort St. John, Prince George, and Prince Rupert

Age: 18
Ethnicity: Canadian
Sign: Taurus

Artists will pay tribute to Philippine freedom  in a featured art exhibit

Local restaurant serves up a unique bento box to customers 

Chinese restaurant renowned for its savory Hainanese chicken

An increasing rate of sponsorship applications are being rejected 

Filipino musicans historically flocked to India to practice their craft 

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President Benigno Aquino III will be visiting Canada from May 7th-9th