Remittance payments to the Philippines reached US$28 billion in 2014, third largest in the world

For Ruthie Arroyo the case of Mary Jane Veloso brings about horrific memories of her childhood 

The concept of a secular democarcy remains a difficult ideal to achieve 

The DFA has reminded all who are traveling to Canada to work or study to secure clearance prior to departure

Many Temporary Foreign Workers have been duped by immigration consultants

School will provide training for electricians, plumbers, pipefitters and carpenters

The IEC-B.C. aims to connect new Canadians with jobs in Fort St. John, Prince George, and Prince Rupert

Donations to charity provide valuable tax credits when filing your annual return

Submitting inaccurate information on your application can lead to a 5-year ban

This week we  compare a single detached home in Manila and a ground level suite in Vancouver 

Age: 24
Ethnicity: Chinese
Sign: Libera

Chinese restaurant renowned for its savory Hainanese chicken

Local shop serves up organic soft serve ice cream made with Avalon organic milk

Local artist has starred in a variety of musical acts during her short career 

Kidlat Tahimik inspires a new generation of filmmakers in Asia

Weddings serve as an opportunity to be exposed to a variety of fashion designs

Popular tea houses on the downtown west side serve as fashion epicentres 

This week we compare luxury homes in both the Philippines and Vancouver

Birthday celebrations serve as an excellent opportunity to showcase fashion