The Philippines is rated highly by expats looking outside their homeland for career satisfaction

Ottawa needs to focus and improve on the health screening system for people migrating to Canada

The provincial government is working with the CLBC group to honor inclusive communities 

The value of the Canadian-dollar remittances sent to family back home has decreased significantly.

In the new Express Entry immigration program, you are subject to an upfront pre-assessment of your qualifications

The Philippines has sent fewer maids abroad this year in hopes of better protecting workers within this sector 

Crimes such as homicide, rape and car theft went up during the first six months of 2015

A four bedroom house in Manila or a 2 bedroom condo in Vancouver? You decide which is the better deal

Financial servies company raised funds for multimedia libraries for selected schools in the Philippines 

An apartment complex in Bonifacio or an island retreat in BC's gulf islands? You decide

Age: 21
Ethnicity: Korean
Sign: Cancer

 Francisco Quimpo amongst others is running for office this upcoming Fall

The next generation of women from this community is making an impact


Artists will pay tribute to Philippine freedom  in a featured art exhibit

Local establishment serves up some of the best Filipino food in the region 

Filipino women throughout local community assessed for their risk of the disease


Filipino workers played a pivotal role in fighting for workers rights 

An Oceanview Resort in the Philippines or a luxury condo in Vancouver? 

A beach front property in Cebu or a bungalow in Kitsilano? You decide the better deal