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Overseas Filipino workers are returning to their homeland as the economy of the Philippines grows

Five key Philippine presidential candidates recently launched their campaigns

Canadian businessmen are holding back investments in the Philippines till after the May federal elections

Canada and the Philippines might be close to resolving a messy situation regarding waste exports

The falling loonie and global economic slowdown could have a negative impact on Filipinos working abroad

The so-called Islamic State (IS) is likely to create IS branches in the Philippines and Indonesia in 2016

Photo source: Daily Mail

The Philippines government is trying to recover the ill-gotten wealth amassed by the former first lady

A star rating plan for hotels in the Philippines has come under attack by the tourism sector and lawmakers in Manila

As of this year, one out of every 10 Filipino households has a member working overseas

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines is gearing up for the ratification of the TPP trade agreement


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