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Vancouver Island man, Kyle Jennermann Filipino’s journey has made him a celebrity amongst Filipinos

Canada is a facing a nursing crisis and a brewing labor shortage within the field of Nursing and Care

Canadian humanitarian organization calling on international community to indict President Rodrigo Duterte

Recent study indicates an increase of sedentary living causing negative health ramifications throughout Asia

Crew of thirteen sailors have been stranded in Vancouver since September 1st due to legal issues

Filipino rights advocates and survivors of the Marcos-era are turning on the Presidency of Rodrigo Duterte

Once Asia’s poor man, the Philippines is gearing up for a banner year in 2017 as a slew of infrastructure projects commence

Filipino's working in the field of health care have the highest paying jobs, with an average monthly salary of US $2,250 

A plan to pursue the multimillion-dollar suit against Barrick Gold Corp is headed for the Canadian courts

Filipinos around the world are demanding that exhumation of former Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos body


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