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Accused's lawyer questions whether Canada is actually seeking death penalty assurances from Malaysia

Local Filipino comic gathers funny friends for Metro Vancouver's first all-Asian comedy show, a Vancouver Food Bank benefit

Vancouver couple enlists friends, family to create rapid-relief force that has contributed $3million to Asia's poor

Miss Canada Denise Garrido praised for protecting fragile underground river system in Palawan province

Canadian journalist rights watchdog crusades for murdered Marlene Esperat, the 'Erin Brokovich of The Philippines'

Recruiters, clinics oppose psychological testing of outbound overseas workers in The Philippines

The Philippines braces for the imminent return of 100,000 overseas workers displaced by the global economic crisis

Former child star Lea Salonga takes her act all over the world – to huge success!

Philippine widows turn to the loom in aftermath of brutal war

Economic slowdown could see millions of Filipina maids and caregivers sent home


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