Umbra show retells age-old Filipino folklore myths

Umbra is a first-of-its-kind animated horror series. It kicked off Oct. 19 on Myx TV, the Asian American entertainment network.

The show is patterned after “Twilight Zone” and “Monsters.” It features creatures from Filipino mythology and explores the horrific side of the country’s supernatural lore and modern urban legends, or “sabi-sabi.”

Myx TV general manager Miguel Santos wanted to air the series on Myx TV because American audiences will also enjoy these Filipino tales, especially right around Halloween.

“’Umbra’ is different from the usual Halloween frights, spotlighting spooky Filipino folklore that has been carried on for generations,” said Miguel Santos, general manager of Myx TV. "The Philippines and Asia are rich with stories like these that deserve to be shared with American audiences.”

The eerie series retells age-old myths of encounters with the supernatural, like the story of the White Lady from Mindoro known as “Lugay,” who is said to creep around cemeteries, leaving with her victims’; the “Mangangatok” who comes knocking on the door to bring bad luck, or worse, death; shape-shifting and flesh-hungry monsters; “Tiyanak,” a vampiric creature in that imitates the form of a child, murderous mermaids, and more.

Episodes will be available on

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