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On a recent day trip to Squamish, I checked out Fergie’s Cafe. This cafe came recommended by many people in the area. There was a line up. I didn’t wait too long in line – probably 20 minutes. While I waited, so many delicious dishes went past me and it was hard to decide on what to have.

I started off with a cup of coffee and a cinnamon bun. In addition to serving meals, they offer sweets and pastries to go. They offer alcohol with local breweries and spirits used in their cocktails.

The Caesar was nice and spicy. The matcha latte was a nice, comforting cup that was just right – not too sweet.

I ordered their special for the day which was the Ratatouille Eggs Benedict served with kale and sweet potatoes. The flavour from the ratatouille mixed with the eggs and hollandaise made for a very filling brunch. The ratatouille is hearty and flavourful – served with just the right amount. The eggs were cooked just right and the hollandaise was creamy perfection. This was the best benny I’ve had in a long time.

If you’re in Squamish or passing through, I’d highly recommend checking out Fergie’s Cafe.


Fergie’s Café

70002 Squamish Valley Road, Squamish, BC


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