Documentary delves into new immigrant’s lives

The documentary My First 150 Days show the struggles of Melona Banico and her family’s adjustments and challenges after they reunite in Canada. The documentary premiers on TVO on April 12 at 9 pm.

After eight years, Melona Banico reunited with her three children and grandson. Like many Filipino women, Melona was forced to leave her family behind in order to support them after coming to Canada. She worked three jobs because she wanted to sponsor her children to have a good future. The family battle homesickness once they are together.

“About 250,000 people arrive in this country every year,” says Stuart Henderson, producer of My First 150 Days. “For Canada’s 150th birthday year we wanted to focus on one of them for the first 150 days they are here to see what being a ‘New Canadian’ can entail.”

The Banico children, Judelyn, Jeah, and Jade plus grandson Clyde had culture shock after moving from a rural village to suburban Toronto. The children also have to get used to having their mother back, and they also have to discover winter, language barriers, loneliness, and a future they are not quite certain about. They wonder if they made the right decision to come to Canada?

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