My Work My Education: Harold Burgess

Harold Burgess, CMA
Financial Controller
Fairmont Hotels and Resorts


Hours worked per week:
50-55 hrs

Years at this position:
1.5 years in this position, 5 years with Fairmont

What is the best part of your job?
Being part of the steering committee of the organization and executing strategic initiatives which takes the company to the next level is exhilarating. Applying the skills and knowledge I have learned, and continue to learn through the CMA program, and knowing that every decision made impacts every part of the organization - from operation to sales, to non-operating departments. The Fairmont culture also plays a key role. We have a core set of values that is shared by all and exercised in our day-to-day operations. Our mission is to turn moments into memories for our guests and colleagues.

What are some of the challenges you’re currently facing at work?
Some of the challenges are the current market conditions and the uncertainty with inflation or deflation, regulations, corporate budgetary requirements and trying to remain competitive in this changing landscape. We need to be pro-active in securing long term agreements to maximize our profitability in the coming year. Securing these deals is the challenge. It’s definitely an exciting time for everyone and we are always looking to maximize every opportunity.

How is this position different from other jobs you’ve had?
This position is different from previous roles as I am more involved at the strategic decision-making level of theorganization.I am involved in every facet of the organization. This gives me a well-rounded understanding of the business and operation allowing me to make informed decisions.


Degree(s) & Institution:
Bachelor Degree from Simon Fraser University and the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) designation

Why did you choose to pursue a CMA?
I chose the CMA designation as I believe in a well-rounded designation where I can apply my skills and knowledge to all facets of an organization. The CMA Competency Map and Framework truly identifies what a CMA can do for any organization.

When did you complete your CMA program?


Favorite recreational activity:
I enjoy a variety of team and competitive sports including squash, tennis, basketball, and golf.

Upcoming Vacation plans:
South East Asia


In five years, I see myself (both professionally and personally):
Being part of Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, and its many locations around the world, I see myself in five years time moving to one of our various locations around the world, especially as I grow in my career. I’d like to advance to a senior management level position at our corporate office where I’d have the opportunity to drive expansion and change. As Fairmont continues to establish partnerships around the world, I’d also like to seize the opportunity to be involved in the company’s various mergers and acquisitions.


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