My Work My Education: Hardeep Kainth

Hardeep Kainth, CMA
Chief Accountant, Resource Management
Finance & Administration Division
Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)


Hours worked per week:

Years at this position:
7 years in this position, 14 years overall with CRA

I am responsible for managing the financial planning, budgeting, analysis and reporting function for the Pacific Region along with providing financial management advice and guidance to senior and executive management.

What is the best part of your job?
The positive aspects of my job include: working in a professional environment that supports learning and development, working with modern financial systems and working with highly skilled staff. Another positive attribute that makes my job easier is that the CRA is very focused on sound financial management - this includes having adequate processes and procedures in place.
What are some of the challenges you currently face at work?
The competitive job market and employees retiring at an increasing rate are some of the key challenges we are facing in the public service. It is becoming more difficult to staff positions due to the number of accounting job opportunities in the private and public sector. Staff are moving into higher level positions and it is becoming increasingly difficult to backfill their positions.

How is this position different from other jobs you’ve had?
Compared to my previous position, this job is more management focused which includes supervising Senior Financial Analysts located throughout the province.


Degree(s) & Institution:
Bachelor of Arts (Economics – SFU, 1992); Bachelor of Business Administration (Accounting – SFU, 1996), and a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) designation (1999).

Why did you choose to pursue a CMA?
I chose this because there is more of a management focus rather than simply focusing on numbers. The CMA designation allows you the flexibility to pursue opportunities other than just accounting.

When did you complete your CMA program?


In five years, I see myself (both professionally and personally):
I see myself continuing to work with the Federal Government and looking at further opportunities to develop myself professionally. Since the CRA is a large and diverse organization, there are a number of opportunities available to work in different areas to gain a better understanding of the organization and to expand my knowledge.

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