Accent on Career: Simon Hung

NAME: Simon Hung

Q: What is your first language?
A: My first language is Mandarin.
Q: How many years have you been in Canada?
A: I have been in Canada for ten years.
Q: What was your job in your home country?
A: My job in my home country was a 3D animator.
Q: Where do you see yourself working in five years?
A: I see myself working as a Director for animations.
Q: How has taking Accent Reduction lessons changed your life?
A: Accent Reduction lessons have helped me to communicate better at work and express myself more clearly.
Q: Tell us about a time your accent caused difficulty.
A: It was difficult for me to communicate and explain things at work. I had trouble expressing my thoughts and ideas.
Q: What is the greatest strength you offer your employer?
A: I have good communication skills and I can animate lip-syncing techniques more accurately.
Q: What advice do you have for other ITP’s (Internationally Trained Professionals)?
A: Knowing how and practicing a lot is the key to mastering any skill. Whatever your goal or dream is, find out how to do it and work hard for it.
Q: What can be done to assist the transition of ITP’s?
A: Accent Reduction definitely assists the transition of ITP’s. With fluent English, people will have more patience and communicate with you better. It also gives you confidence and courage to pursue your dreams.
Q: What do you want from an employer?
A: I hope employers can be more open to new ITP’s. Although ITP’s may not speak English as fluent as native speakers, our skills and attitudes at work are far greater than a lot of people.

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